Online gambling

Online gambling means gambling performed with use of internet.

Online gambling has started in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda’s government has passed Free Trade and Processing which allows licenses to be granted to companies that are willing to open online casinos. Internet technologies have at that time have made possible safe money transactions and this has led to appearance of first online casinos in 1994.

Online gambling have gained large popularity in late 90-s due to widespread of internet technologies and availability of personal computers on the market. In 1998 Frost & Sullivan has published a review that revealed that online gambling revenue had made up to 830 million of USD in 1998 alone.

Soon after that USA has introduced Internet Gambling Prohibition Act restricting any online casino to offer its services to US citizen. In the year 2000 Australia has followed the same pattern and has introduced Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act, making it illegal for online casino to operate in Australia.

Despite numerous attempts to restrict online gambling by prohibiting online casinos to offer its services to people, the number of participants worldwide had risen to 8 million in 2001. According to several statistic sources worldwide online gambling revenue has achieved 21 billion USD by the year 2008 and continued to rise.

The issues of online gambling

Here is an example of an issue of danger of online gambling and it is used frequently by online gambling opponents worldwide in order to forbid online gambling.

Problem gambling
The problem gambling is considered to be a form of addiction to online gambling and treated as disorder. In 1999 USA and UK have performed several studies that claim that 75 % of people who gamble online are pathological gamblers, compared to 20% of people who play in land-based casinos.

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