Online sports betting

There are large numbers of online gambling options, including sports betting. Online sports betting is the same as ordinary sports betting in land-based bookmakers but done online.

The sports that allow to place bet online are numerous and are only limited in quantity by technical capability of online casino.

The sports that one can place bets on are:
Basketball, baseball, ice hockey, football, tennis, golf, boxing, motor sports, rugby, cricket, darts, snooker, horse racing, etc.

Apart from simple wagers, there are few types of sports betting that exist today:

1. Moneyline bets
This is when money bets don’t have spread. The odds for favored team pays up lower for the underdog.

2. Proposition bets
These are wages made on specific outcome of an event. For example in case of football match it might mean predicting number of goals scored by each team.

3. Teasers
This is type of a bet where player can combine his/her bets on 2 or more games.

4. Run line
This bet is an alternative to straight up prices in hockey or baseball. These bets include fixed point spread that offers higher payout for favored team and lower payout for the underdog.

5. Future best
These bets are the equivalent of stock exchange futures and feature event to come within the few months, for example betting on certain NHL team to win Stanley Cup.

6. In-play betting
This is type of the bet when certain online gambling operators allow betting to take place while sporting event is in progress.

7. Head to head bet
These are the bets where player tries to predict competitors’ results against each other, rather than predicting the outcome of the event. For example, Formula 1 is the best example of such bet, where player can try to predict the result of one pilot against another.

8 years ago