What is online gambling?

First of all, what is “Gambling”?

“Gambling” means wagering money or anything that is precious on an event with unknown outcome in order to win more money and anything of value.

Online gambling is often referred as Internet Gambling or iGambling is a term for gambling using the internet.
The Internet as well as non-stop technological development in terms of receiving and viewing information online has made possible new forms of gambling that did not exist before.

In recent years, Internet gambling has become a very important and lucrative business, with millions of USD in profits, despite numerous attempts by USA or other countries to shut it down.

However Internet Gambling gains more and more popularity due to easiness of money transfer and large number of gambling options available to players.

Here is an example of gambling options available:

1. Online casino,
Online casino is where people can play casino games like blackjack, roulette or baccarat. In online casinos’ games people are playing online against the “house” or a casino. The basic rules of play are the same as in real casino, apart from being online.

2. Online Bingo
As the name suggests this game is same as ordinary Bingo but played online.

3. Online Poker
This is slightly changed version of ordinary poker, the difference being that players are playing against each other on the internet instead of playing against “the house”. There are online poker tournaments and events that take place on the internet regularly.

4. Online sports betting
An online sport betting is when any player can place his\her money online (on specialized web sites) on the outcome of sport event in order to get more money. Online sports betting is one of the fastest growing online betting sectors with the annual revenue equal millions of USD.

6 years ago